Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s Hernia Surgery

Knowing your child needs hernia surgery can be scary — Austin Pediatric Surgery is here to help.

If your child has an abdominal wall hernia, Austin Pediatric Surgery is here for you.

We understand that watching your child undergo any sort of medical procedure may be intimidating, and our highly advanced team of medical professionals are here with you every step of the way. At our practice, we specialize in pediatric surgery with expertise in all types of abdominal wall hernias, including inguinal hernias, ventral hernias, epigastric hernias, and umbilical hernias, as well as others.

That’s why we’ve compiled this article listing everything you need to know about your child’s hernia surgery. This information will help you come to your child’s appointments with the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Which Hernia Conditions Require Surgery?

Hernia surgery may be required depending on the type of hernia your child has, how old the child is and whether the hernia is causing symptoms, such as pain.

At Austin Pediatric Surgery, our experienced surgeons can treat any type of abdominal hernia your child may be experiencing; however, the three most common forms of child hernias we see are umbilical, inguinal, and epigastric.

Are There Risks During Hernia Surgery?

There are few risks associated with pediatric hernia surgery. In rare instances, however, infection or bleeding can occur around the surgical site. Hernias can also come back, but rarely.

Your child’s surgeon will give you recovery instructions for what to expect after surgery. If you notice any bleeding or what could look like the beginnings of an infection, be sure to contact your child’s surgeon. Austin Pediatric Surgery is available around the clock for any concerns you may have after surgery.

How Should I Prepare My Child for Hernia Surgery?

Your child’s pediatric surgeon will provide you with a list of instructions that will be your guide as you prepare your child for this procedure.

Make sure that your child is bathed either the night before or the morning of the surgery. A nurse will clean and sanitize your child’s surgical site prior to the procedure in the operating room, but bathing beforehand can also help decrease the risk of infection.

You will be given a time at which your child should stop eating and drinking. It is important to make sure that your child abides by these instructions since the procedure may have to be rescheduled if these instructions are not followed.

You can also help your child mentally prepare for this procedure by comforting your child with the fact that there will be friendly faces nearby. It may also be helpful to bring something that reminds your child of home to the procedure, such as a blanket or a stuffed animal. This can help bring some comfort to your child during pre-op and recovery.

What Should I Expect During My Child’s Surgery?

Most pediatric hernia repairs are relatively quick; your child will likely be in the operating room for less than an hour, including anesthesia and wake-up time.

Once your child wakes up from the anesthesia, they will be brought back to the recovery room for post-operative monitoring. When you child is alert, they will bring you to their bedside as soon as possible.

Most hernia surgeries are outpatient procedures, meaning you and your child can most likely go home a few hours after the surgery.

What Will Post-Surgical Recovery Look Like?

Children are resilient, and it shouldn’t take long after your child’s procedure for them to begin feeling like themselves again. Most children are able to go back to their normal activities after a few days, but it could take a few weeks for a full recovery if your child’s hernia was larger or more complex to repair.

Your child’s surgeon will inform you of what your child can and cannot do in the days following their surgery and when you should give them their medication. A follow-up appointment with your surgeon may be recommended, usually 2-4 weeks after surgery to check and make sure everything is healing well.

See the Doctors You Can Trust at Austin Pediatric Surgery

We understand that sending your child into surgery is stressful. When you contact us, our specialists can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s hernia surgery and schedule it at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll be glad to provide you with the information and treatments that your child needs to get them feeling healthy once again!